Clarence town church

LONG ISLAND, this out-island of the Bahamas, 160 miles Southeast of Nassau, is 80 miles long by 4 miles at its widest points, no wonder it is called LONG island! Once known as YUMA by the Lucayan-Arawak Indians, then named Fernandina by Christopher Columbus, Long Island counts today 3,000 inhabitants. It is a most scenic island with two different shore lines (Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea), the deepest known blue hole in the world (Dean's blue hole 663'), a paradise for nature lovers, and most of all, it is very peaceful.   

Learn more on Long Island by visiting the Bahamas Official website

 natural poolst-joseph church salt pondAtlantic view

sunset fly fishingSea star

A view of Long Island from the skyBaby sea starAnother view of the sea

White crane on the beach    









Deans blue hole







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